Babati and Hanang cultural Tourism

Babati District is located along the Arusha-Dodoma road in the Rift Valley, south of the Lake Manyara Park and west of Tarangire. In both Babati and the nearby Hanang District, the people follow their tribal culture and traditions closely and visitors can mix freely with them to observe their lifestyle.The area also has a rich birdlife with over 400 species.

The highlights of a tour to the area are:

A special Barbaig cultural insight hike

An exclusive Mount Hanang climb

A fishing Adventure with local canoes on lake Babati while viewing hippos

A chance to participate in local brick and pottery making and beer brewing

A visit to a development projects like cattle and goat dairy farming, piped water project, bio-gas energy project

Cycling expedition through remote areas

There are various tour options:

Half day tour
You visit Managhat village, original home of the Gorowa tribe, to see dairy farming activities, farming with ox ploughs, a bio-gas system, local Gorowa huts and optionally a Killer Bee-keeping project at the bottom of Mount Kwaraa.

One day tour
You walk to Managhat village and climb Bambaay Hill from where you see beautiful Rift Valley landscape with Lake Babati and Lake Manyara and the Maasai Steppe to the east. Later, visit a respected Go